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The Difference between a Robot-Managed Binary Option Account and Human Managed Binary Option Account

The Difference between a Robot-Managed Binary Option Account and Human Managed Binary Option Account.

The Robot Managed Binary Option Accounts

The robot managed accounts involve the help of computerized software to turn the trade in favor of the trader. If a trader is inexperienced and does not understand the complications of bulls and bears, he/she can use this kind of account to stand out in the market as it is designed by professionals to help new traders. The robot technically studies the situation of the market and predicts favorable situations for trading. As a result, a novice trader can earn like expert traders.

Human Managed Binary Option Accounts

This is somewhat similar to robot managed account because it also helps new and inexperienced investors to live and work in the binary Option market. In this account, a professional trader is hired by the new trader. The professional trader, who understands the pros and cons of the market, works on the new trader’s behalf. The results are usually positive because the hired professional is a qualified trader and has been trading for years.

The both account drives at the similar target- the client’s profit. The difference is that as a robot is computerized software, it cannot show human instincts, so it cannot react to many things like news, country’s economic status, etc. it just sees things technically and provide accurate details.

The human account can react to all those things a robot can not, but as ‘to err is human’; the details and fact may not be as accurate by a robot managed account as a human managed account .

In a nutshell, both the accounts are profitable and aim at the client’s profit. If you are not familiar with the market complications, you can still earn with the help of these managed Binary Option accounts.

The Disciplined implementations of ICM Option Managed Binary Option Accounts Has contributed to our Performance Achievements. ICM Option Mission is to Create Value For our Clients .

The ICM Option Managed Accounts do not charge any fees only a (PF) Performance fee, which is purely based on results. While you need to pay the robot or pay set up fees as well.