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Letter From CEO

Dear Valued Customer,

I’d like to personally welcome you to the community at ICM Option.

At ICM Option, we’ve embarked upon a truly innovative trading endeavor. One of my tasks is to successfully communicate the excitement and enthusiasm that I feel as our efforts move forward. Our banking and trading enterprise is one that can benefit you, the investor, in numerous ways.

As the global financial community grows increasingly inter-connected, the old methods of trading and banking quickly become obsolete. This assertion is supported by the losses experienced by many of the most notable financial institutions in the world over recent years. Many of the most significant names in the industry over the past half-century have experienced asset and equity devaluations that, in some instances, were not survivable. Bank failures, loan defaults, and depreciated values have been endemic across the traditional global financial community. The problems experienced by brokerages, banks, and investment firms have at times destabilized the entire system. Chaotic outcomes have been experienced by major institutions and individual investors alike.

We at ICM Option have diligently worked to be creatively responsive to these changing times. We have made the necessary changes that were demanded by this new, more inter-connected world of global trading and economics. Our exemplary customer service, educational opportunities, and advanced trading platforms are evolving on an almost daily basis. ICM Option will continue to combine global range and devotion to innovation, in order to set our binary options trading enterprise apart from all the others.

Ours is a laser-like focus when it comes to technological advancements, enhanced communication, and the latest product developments. We sincerely feel that our future at ICM Option is particularly bright and filled with potential, and we want to share our optimistic vision with you, our Customer.

I am convinced that long-lasting success is always dependent on personal relationships. Therefore, every day we remain aware of the need to treat every Customer as an individual. You can count on us 24/7 to address all of your trading and banking needs. On that you have my word.


Pawel Wener

CEO of ICM Option