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  • How do I join your “Binary Options Managed Account Service”?

    It’s very simple.

    1. You Open our recommended Binary Options Account.
    2. You deposit $5000 or more amount. That’s all.
  • Q: How do i open an account?

    A: In order to Open Binary Options account, You need “Your Email”, “Your Real Name”, “Your Phone Number”.

  • What is minimum account size?

    We Offer 3 type of Managed Account

    1. Silver Account With Minimum Amount $5,000 USD.
    2. Gold Account With Minimum Amount $20,000 USD.
    3. Diamond Account With Minimum Amount $50,000 USD.

    Is a indispensable condition for joining “Binary Options Managed Account Service”. However there is no upper limit on initial deposit. More initial deposit amount, More you will earn on early period.

  • Is there a management fee?

    No – We do not charge a mgt fee only a (PF) Performance fee, which is purely based on results. The PF is 35% for a Silver Accounts, 30 % for a Gold Accounts, 25 % for a Diamond Accounts, however if you are large investor then we can reduce this down depending on the amount you initially want to invest. This Performance fee is based on a high watermark. “No gains No fees.”

  • What is a High Water Mark?

    A High Water Mark, is a common approach to the calculation of incentive fees. It means that incentive fees are paid only on any new profit that is made.

    This ensures that it is fair to the client as we can only receive a Performance fee only when the account value exceeds its previous high.Example of HWM.You start with $50,000 in an account with a Performance fee of 25%, and during the month there is $50,000 gross profit. The Performance fee deducted would be 25% of $50,000, which is $12,500, so your net profit would be $37,500 and your account would now have a “watermark” new balance of $87,500. If in the next month there was a loss of $1000, there would be no Performance fee deducted, since there is no profit, and your new balance would be $86,500. Your “watermark” is still $87,500. So there will be no Performance fee deductions until you get past your current “watermark“.

  • How safe are my funds?

    With a ICM Option your funds are held by you and only you in your Binary Option brokerage account. You do not send us your funds at any Point.

    ICM Option protects you, as you would retain complete control of your funds in a fully regulated brokerage. You are the only person that would have access to your funds and the only person who can withdraw those funds.

  • How many trades do you provide daily?

    Though It depends on market volatility, Approximately 5 to 20 trades on daily.

  • Which binary options asset do you choose as for” Expiration”?

    On binary options, There are many kinds assets as for expiration time. Our algorithms chooses comparatively short-term 1 Hour binary Options.

  • What kind of Assets do you trade?

    We trade almost all assets.


    Commodities :Gold (XAU/USD), Silver (XAG/USD), Crude Oil, Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Coffee, Sugar.

    Indices / Futures :S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW JONES, FTSE100.


  • Is there strict money mgt?

    Yes, we have very strict money mgt and risk controls in place at all times.

  • Does anyone else have access to my funds?

    In short No, you are the only one with access to withdraw your funds.

  • How do I stop my account from being traded?

    If you want to stop trading then you would simply contact us and ask to revoke your LPOA by sending email to : info@icmoption.com.

  • When can I check my Account?

    You can check your Account every day after 4:00 PM EST. This means you can access after US session. You can log on to your Account to the “PORTFOLIO” page to see all the trades which we have done.

  • How much can I earn on Monthly Basis?

    So far it has given 60% – 120% gain monthly. Not a losing month so far. This monthly gain is compouning. This is very excellent point. Compounding can make a million dollers within 1 or 2 years. Albert Einstein is said about compound interest. The Magic of Compounding “The greatest mathematical discovery of all time.”

  • How accurate are your signal predictions?

    We know our reputation depends on delivering customer profits. Our signals are precise and able to get 70% to 80% win ratio. It is an extremely high probability of success.

  • What strategy do you use to generate signals?

    Mainly “Price Action And Elliot Waves And Asrto analysis with basic fundamental is what we do. So it is not entirely technical.

    Within “Binary Options Managed Account Service”. Basically, when it sees certain patterns in the market, it automatically makes the trade for you.

  • How and Why can you make high winning ratio?

    As Forex traders we used and tested many systems in the past, The idea of developing our own system came by coincidence. we stumbled upon a specific Price Action Price Action And Elliot Waves And Asrto analysis. We further researched this market behavior, found the mathematical method to model it most effectively, and tested and refined it to be suitable for practical applications . Thats why we can make approx 70% to 80% win ratio consistently.

  • What kind of deposit methods do your recommended Binary Option broker accept?

    There are many ways to deposit funds into your Binary InterBank account. Choose a deposit method that is right for you, without any extra fees involved.

    Credit Card: Visa and Mastercard

    Bank Wire Transfer


    Please note that in order to deposit using a credit card, you will need to have a credit card open for online and international transactions. The minimum deposit is $250 or €200 and the maximum deposit is $5,000 or €5,000.

  • How long have you been online providing Managed Binary Options Accounts Services?

    Since March 2012.

  • Will I need VPS (virtual private server) or special computer equipment?

    No! you don’t have to run any VPS or something. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • What if I need help?

    Our support team will help you with any questions you may have. We will typically respond to your e-mails within 2 days. You can ask a question in any time.

  • I am a binary options beginner and never traded before, is your service suitable for me?

    Yes, absolutely. Once you familiarize yourself with us, you will be happy.

  • If many People knew about this service, will it still work?

    Yes. Don’t underestimate the size of the Binary Options market. The binary options market scale is 48 billions a day monster. Even if we sent a million order it wouldn’t even make a dent in the global market.

  • Can I join your “Binary Options Managed Account Service” with a full time job?

    Yes, Off course. You don’t have to trade by your self. No work needed. Just enjoy your life.

  • Why do you share your Binary Option Managed Accounts if it’s making you so much money?

    The reason is two-fold. Firstly in Binary Options & Forex industry, We realize there is a lot of CRAP out there that passes for trading systems by people who never actually practise them. And sometimes people like you just want the TRUTH instead of the next flash-in-the-pan. What is presented on this page here is the genuinely TRUTH. We support your financial sucsess.

    Secondly,We know the world has huge investors. By managing outside capital,We can enlarge the scale of our financial business.

  • Do you offer a introducing affiliate to me?

    Yes. If you introduce your friends to our service, We promise to give you %25 of our Performance Fees as each customer . Please expand our managed service. And make your friends happy with profit ! ,More Details Here.

  • I am in control of my own account?

    You are the one in total control of your account. For example you can withdraw your funds at any time without penalty or stop trading at any point if you don’t like what you see. This puts you in control of your investment.

  • Are there any lock-in periods?

    There are absolutely no lock-in periods or penalties for withdrawing your funds. You can withdraw your funds the day after you fund your account if you so choose and you will not be charged. We want to be fair, ethical and transparent to our clients at all times and want our clients to feel confident to continue with us based on our results rather than locking them in to a contract.

  • What is an LPOA?

    The LPOA stands for limited power of attorney. Basically it’s the paperwork that you need to sign and once signed allows us to trade your account securely.

  • What are the next steps if I want to go ahead?

    The first step would be to contact us via the open an Account Page.

    Then we will guide you through the process to open your account , This is a very simple process of filling fill out the brokerage online application form and providing them with your proof of address and photo ID. Once your account has been approved you will be sent the LPOA form to sign. You can then fund your account and as soon as you have funded your account then live trading will commence. This can all be achieved within a matter of days.