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About us

We are a top Binary Options trading house established in 2011 with a very experienced team of professionals at the heart of the company. We started off as a prop house trading for own benefit plus a handful of high net worth private individual clients, but in 2012 we ventured into the world of managed accounts, as new technology made it much more accessible and practical.

We have since seen the demand for these Binary Options managed accounts increase year on year and more and more.

Our team comprises of a fundamental analyst, a chart pattern & candlestick specialist, a Fibonacci and Elliot wave expert and a VSA specialist (Volume spread analyst). We also have a risk control manager making sure that our very strict risk money mgt rules are adhered to at all times, as well as a dedicated sales and customer service team.

Our Philosophy

We believe to be a successful trading house running Binary Options managed accounts you need to protect your client’s account as the number one priority. Having a series of successful winning strategies with a 70% win ratio is just not enough these days, as the market is forever changing, so what might work one year does not necessarily work the next.

Our philosophy is to be able to always adapt and we truly believe that the only way of being profitable in the long-term, is to control risk. If you master the art of systematic risk control then even with a flip of coin strategy that has a 50/50 win ratio, it is possible to make money.